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Best Ebay hoaxes yet, enjoy!

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Only $4950.00 From Seller:
.please read CAPS, in middle of updates along this.                                                                       ....page.First
THESE 2 PIECES FIT TOGETHER SEAMLESSY!!! It broke before hitting Earth,I n the pine tree. I can see melt marks at break-off point. Like 2 3/16" long,Together. Pic.12 is Topside,Pic.11 is bottom of Flight Patterned Orientation,looks like an aeroplane,tail fins& all. No wings on o'fuselage'section,as you can see.Cool!! 1st picture it's UpsideDown,flightwise!4th pic.,top fin is on ruler side,5&6 BottomSide Find is on left side. Last pic. is pointing downwards,It Flew like a dart! Looks Like A Fish Swimning,when you can see its Flight Orientation!
AS I KEEP FINDING THE SAME TYPE OF BIRD POOP LOOKING MELTED STONEY MATERIAL,I SERIOUSLY WONDER IF SOME OF THIS FALL MAYBE A SHUTTLE REPAIR,  SERIOUSLY!! PERHAPS A TILE REPAIR?! ARE THERE ANY ASTRONAUTS AROUND TO VERIFY THIS?? I WITNESSES ANOTHER FALL, 4 DAYS BEFORE THIS, ONLY A 10TH OF A MILE AWAY I FINALLY FOUND IT,IT'S A SOCCER BALL SIZED VESTICULAR (with dry cut,holes THAT Really Do contain rusted Chrondules,shrinking)!& white resins inside Vestuals! THIS IS THE REASON MY OVEN WAS ON,DRYING MY DISCOVERY from a drying Alcahol bath IN ORDER TO PRESERVE IT'S INTEGRITY.,as the part touching Earth was rusting!! This Is My Theory Now. IF THIS THEORY IS CORRECT,THAT WAS A MAJOR REPAIR JOB, FROM A METEOR IMPACT IN ORBIT. what, 90% lost in Atmospheric burn!?! As a former Tile installer,Epoxy grout Heats Up to Cure,Space is Cold! Plasma & High Pressure create Crystals from minerals...
WHAT AN AERODYNAMIC STUDY of a NATURAL PIECE!!!  I will take this astounding FALL off as soon as I can figure it out so that I can put into a display,With the other pieces I found, & place them in diagram,at angle it Glided in. Then I'll try an auction for a week,I'm beginning to wonder why I'd sell this freaking amazing gift from above.!!
  5th&6th separate pieces I found on my roof today,last day of April.A hunch.2 more found in a 'trail'ive been following across my yard,makes 8 pieces of this& a small carb.chron.Also found on roof,must've knocked Angel turds to earth.
     This is an EnstatiteAchrondite Meteorite,Similar Only,to an 'Aubrite'...Its Small Crystaline Pebble Like Material.I was watching the skies on The Night before I found this Beautifully Orientated METEORITE,a Melted Stoney weighing (sorry,)24 carats,OR 4.8 GRAMS!(the Last set of pix) in Mohave County,AZ. I HEARD a noisey commotion in the Pines, thought I saw an angel sitting up there out of corner of my eye too(plasma field),Hence the name I gave to it!(Angel Turd!) Lol! True!! The Closest terrestrial rock is called Analite,Seriously!That it visually compares to.
 I walk this area in my driveway  20x a day,it showed op on 13 March,2017.I baked it because it seemed to look to be absorbing humidity & damp earth,even though it's HardStoney. It looks like it dripped Because the Stone DID!. During Atmospheric Entry. I ALMOST couldn't believe the rest of the dozen found pieces were really rocks,'till I Cracked 1 open!      .         THEY ARE ET MELTS!!!
    I had Believed they May have been from an Ancient  Lakebed on Mars!,Being so Hydrous,PossiblyEjected by a large Impact OR more likely,I believe, a passing Comets Electrical "lightning" pulling terrain up like an electric sky plow!!...Maybe thats why so little Mars Shocked Materials?!? Lightning travels UP,Like a Sprite.  It is a feldspar Like material full of hundreds  of Spinels or burnt Carbons?,as I've seen in Today's finds out front yard. I didnt mess much with this Astounding Fall.with tiny Black spinels,or carbon crystals,Chrondulets on one side,seen, Oven Barely shrunk the whiteish Fusion Crust, now more greyish on 1 side,, a little more than it was,a micromillimeter (cracks in fusion crust)1/2 hr@350*F.Dried,I thought,with The Meteorite I Also Witnessed 4 days before found 4th day,Just before a 2 week downpour. 30+Small,Melted Pieces I've found now (5 make it into the books).
  The 'Tail Fin' OF THE ANGEL POOP COLLECTION THAT I FOUND,onTODAY,27APR.'17! IT' Is INCLUDED WITH PURCHACE, It Completes It!    it was Under a bag of topsoil I accidentally laid down,over it,as I saw & found my Original 'angel turd'(last pix.s) Before setting the sack down, OR it would have been stepped on & broken a hundred times by now!.
  Its another 5.1Gram piece of Angel Poop!    
         Tail Section... IT HAS MICROSCOPIC BLUE FIBERS,poking through fusion crust cracks& pimple-like rolled tubelike, inside of micro "volcanoes"!!! I'm Freaked Out too much to touch it anymore, they look like split ends on hair..?!?!?! Way too small though!.It may have been caught from my Shirt Pocket,but it Sure Dont Look Like it! Maybe a Natural CarbonNano Fiber of some sort?!I've seen fibrous materials all the time,but these look like they worked their way out. My gemological microscopes light went out,so I can't really explore this yet.
I Answer All questions Gladly! But a socialpath,fuzzy eel ,won't stop harassing my every move that I make,so..!!
    I didn't bake This piece,for fear of decomposition like I did the 1st when I feared, when I found the 1st Piece,Because 'Fin' was Outside for a month already...  TheseLook to be growing,or Angel Feather pieces? They are enclosed into the Meteorite.(Reference my NASA thoughts above,Glove materials,or a NASA Patch)...
Back to the 1st Oriented "Aubrite" 'Turd'.... It Has a couple tiny opened areas on it from the fall.
    I'm a studying Meteotiticist & collector for 40 years.  All of mine ARE as Close as I've Stated & Diagnosed in my Taxonomy notes.No matter How Unusual.Fear of,& hiding the truth Deletes what Needs to be known!
   Try using Remote Viewing skills for your own answers,It'll add a whole new dimension to your collection! Especially for the Hunt!! I'm too close to this piece to front load it.
       This baby was Heard to fall,as I've stated!!!.
  Just Too Cool a Piece! Have fun with it 
   Shipping will be $10 in USA sale & I'll include a field microscope.
PayPal. . Thank you.
 It's Easy to get a Hundred 1OZ gold Coins,But THESE SPACE ROCKS ARE MIRACLES,For Sure!!!
     I found Another piece that landed & Stuck (splashed)in the tree,it fell into the well with wood still in it, that didn't charcoal.. I'm going to put all dozen or so of this FALL,This summer,up for auction,only the 2 are aerodynamic,the rest are 'drips'that landed along a trail I followed. This is Only up now because I can't take down. You'll have a chance to buy these at a much higher price(i hope) this summer,along with other rarities, after i make some displays with/for them.
Thank you for looking at this natural wonder.
...1 June17' Ive found about 40 pieces of this material around a 1 mile area now,New Falls! I believe that I got the most AWESOME pieces in my yard,the orientated "sky-shark"& the bird poop looking rock drips too,1 with about a hundred spinel crystals just under the White Fusion Crust. I may have to have this recorded,or just give buyer many pieces for being able to study this Wonder.
Seller's other doubtful meteorites for sale on Ebay which land on his property about once per week:
Enjoy,  billpeters
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Angel Poop Adam?

Nice collection! 🔜



What the eLL is an Emoji?? 💯 ✏️ 💲 🐜 😩


I had a friend who served in the pacific in WWII. He called the Japanese "those slanty eyed former enemies of mine". He had problems letting things go. 👵

So is this Emoji thing... 👀   ...Is this more Japanese retribution? 👞

The guy with the personal problem with Japanese is dead now but he used to be a big shot in the Scottsdale school system. 🐂 🐖 🐳

I think Adam might have gotten his Angel poop from my backyard stash.    :1755362038_itsflying:    Is that the right Emoji?

Nice! 💘

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QUOTE:  "Try using Remote Viewing skills for your own answers!,It'll add a whole new dimension to your collection! Especially for the Hunt!!"


Rats! Now I know why I have been so unsuccessful in finding verified meteorites.


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I've been using remote viewing for years...you'd be amazed at the pounds of gold I've found, but just haven't got out yet to dig up...I'm rich!

Pretty soon! :ya: Cheers, Unc


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You can see his other auctions on Ebay. His handle is  jameschan8 .

Maybe you can check out the ones pulled off of Mars by a passing comet.  They ought to be interesting.

Quote: I believe, a passing Comets Electrical "lightning" pulling terrain up like an electric sky plow!!

Keep us posted.


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On 4/22/2018 at 2:15 PM, billpeters said:

QUOTE:  "Try using Remote Viewing skills for your own answers!,It'll add a whole new dimension to your collection! Especially for the Hunt!!"


Rats! Now I know why I have been so unsuccessful in finding verified meteorites.


With Art Bell gone, perhaps he'll have to retire?

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