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Gold Chain With 800

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Late yesterday afternoon I decided to go to the beach in the wind.  There had been a little bit of a cut but I was surprised to find so many people out.  The tide was coming in for a couple of hours so I needed to get on with things.

The Nox is still a bit different for me in the sound department after so many years of the 3030.  Things can be very 'short' if you have the recovery speed set high (6-7) so I try to make the sounds longer and stay at 4-5.  Everything else was factory in Beach 1.

I found the crackling pennies (20-21) and very few other things in the waves that were washing up high.  I don't get wet more than about a foot but I know I could drop the Equinox and it is waterproof.  I don't have a leash on it so I'm not going in and the water is too cold for me.

This is a beach I've hunted for many years so I'm 'reading the beach' and I head in one direction toward a place called Ring Beach.  I gave it this name because during El Nino I found 10-15 rings in the area over that summer.  When I look at my waves, wind and tide I reverse my direction and I head south.  After a few yards I get a 13/14 signal which means on the Nox a cap or nickel.  This was in a shallow, washup wave.  I attempt a scoop and it is still there so that means this solid little signal is down about 5-6 inches.  I get it on my second scoop.

Most of the scoop contents have sifted/washed away but the remainder I flip over on the wet sand expecting to see a nickel.  That is not what I saw.  I could tell it was a chain.  I didn't know if anything was attached but I had to get it before the next wave and I didn't want the people around me to see it.  I plopped it in my finds pouch and searched the area for more.  There was nothing so I moved on.  The stories and the threads started rushing into my head.  This could be my best gold chain!

As I walked down the beach I was hoping the conditions would make other chains or targets available but it didn't.  I took the chain out in a private area and felt the weight and I felt even better.  It was time to go back to the car.  The total hunt time was about 1 hour and I looked at the chain with my glasses and it said 14k!  Yessss ... about half an ounce I guessed.

When I reached home I decided to put it on my son's neck and show his mother (Lu) this way.  She likes gold so it didn't take her long.  :thumbsupanim  We took a couple more pictures and then I weighed and measured.


I've now found more with the Nox than what it cost.





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I went back out this afternoon and nothing much on the beach.  I took the chain with me to test.

When in the dry sand I found a target.  It was a 13 and when I dug it up it was a rusty bottle cap.  I took the chain and put it near and it was also a 13 but solid and not popping.  I put them close to each other with the chain in a ball and stretched out long and it sounded the same.  I pumped on both targets.  There was no negative number or low sound with the gold but there was with the cap.

It's too bad the numbers are so close together.  I wonder what I missed with the 3030 by not digging caps.


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