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Gold monster breaks the skunk


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Dad and I went out today to do some detecting. Spent 4 hrs in a new area and got junk. Found a old prospect that the guy was stacking the ore. I grabbed some samples and will process it tomorrow. So, im finding unspent blasting caps and right at the base of his prospect  I get a really loud High/low. Dug down some and its big and screaming......then a little voice said "you might want to stop" So I did....and left it. Why? I didn't want to dig up something that might blow up in my face. Call me chicken, or whatever :)First target iv'e ever walked away from.
After nothing in that area, we went back to Backwards Wash. I decided to take the monster in, as its murder on regular VLFs. WOW! that thing ran quite as a mouse. There were some hot rocks and iron stone that sung out but they were just scraped away.  We have hit this area a LOT, but missed the bigger one somehow. It was about 1 1/2 ft.  up on the side of the hill above a small drainage. Weighs 1.2 grams.  Scoured the area, but no more. On the opposite side of the hill I saw some red dirt and decided to try it. It was up about 25 yrds above the drainage. Got a signal! Out pops the little guy. Pretty much on the surface. But, right above it is a small quartz stringer in red dirt....Hmmm. scooped up about 2 cups and brought it home. Crushed some of it and got two small bits of gold :yesss: Will do the rest tomorrow. Great day out, found some gold and was blessed with good times and good weather.

Tom H.



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Nice shootin' Tom !!  :thumbsupanim

I was wondering how it might be out there with all the wind.  :Just_Cuz_06:

I guess you guys found your way back.   :desertsmile:

Congrats !!


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Right now im at ZERO status! Im beat, and beat up!
Tom H.


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Way to go, Tom.  Glad to see you're still kicking but with the monster.  Pretty cool you found some on the hillside.  I think you might have to go back with your gpx and do a zig zag on that hillside.

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