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Dutch Oven?

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Anything you can do in a Home Oven can be done in Iron Oven .   I don't really follow any form of Recipe's.   Too Restrictive.   Ya do what ya do and 98% of the time it comes out right.   Problem being You will never be able to do it a second time.   I have your basics like Biscuits  I sorta follow the instructions on.  LOL

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Peach cobbler, blackberry pie and muffins,  cornbread, tamale pie, vegetable stew, boiled crabs and crayfish, pizza, cornish game hens with rice, etc.  we’ve made so many different things with our dutch ovens.

If anyone finds one in Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River, please send it back to me… we lost it from a flip on the first day of our raft trip! :aw-shucks: 

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“Tamale pie” (last camp day leftover cleanup medley). I learned how to do this from a river guide friend. He could use everything left over in the cook box to make a great meal on the last day and there was never any food wasted. All great camp cooks know how to do this!

1 or more basic corn bread muffin mix box(es) (Jiffy or another traditional type- not a sweet one!). You can also use corn tortilla layers for this but don't top with one.

Couple Cans of your favorite whole beans; pintos, chickpeas, reds, garbanzos, peas, whole corn, carrots, etc…

1 Chili con Carne or Vegi Chili can

Salsa, enchilada sauce, tomato's…

and whatever else in the commissary that looks good but you don’t want to take back home…

Grease bottom of oven and add layers of the ingredients, starting and ending with pouring in a layer of the cornbread mix.

Spread a bit of the sauce across the topmost layer.

Don’t put too many coals on the lid, the bottom may need extra.

Cook until the top looks slightly browned, let cool and enjoy!


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I think we need a little more investigation as to just how valid these recipes are... just need a picture of your bellies:) with a quarter for scale.


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