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Congrats on your detecting finds and welcome to the group.
Bill was right, theres gonna be a day, when YOU get the Whopper, and He asks "wheres the beef/nuggets"  !!!
AHAAHAHHAHAAAAA  HA ! Happened to me when I took Teri to 1 of my honey holes !


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16 hours ago, Nugget Shooter said:

Sigh, so now when you kick my butt hunting everyone will know? :ROFL:

Just remember you created this 'monster' ... be careful what you ask for! HA! HA! HA! :old:

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Hi Tammy, and welcome to the forum - FINALLY!!! I, for one, am very proud of you for getting out there and doin' it just like the rest of us. Of course, you've got a HUGE advantage over the rest of us because you've got Bill "on demand" for any additional instructions, information, and as a hunting partner! :ROFL: Just teasing! I'm really glad his encouragement and willingness to get you started is finally paying off. :yesss:

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