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So today was a gold finding lesson for my grandson, Rhett, and granddaughter Kay.

They learned to sluice for gold,

2018-04-08 14.25.00.jpg
to use the "Blue Bowl" the Blue Bowl is actually green.

2018-04-08 14.49.49.jpg

The spiral wheel

2018-04-08 14.56.14.jpg

and how to pan.

2018-04-08 15.49.45.jpg

2018-04-08 15.49.48.jpg

They recovered about $57 dollars worth of gold out of two buckets of dirt I brought back from the desert where I had already found some nuggets.


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Way to go Doc. Getting the kids to learn and keep them into hobbies outdoors is great. I've never seen a gold pan like the purple pan. Something new?

I took my 10 year old out today for an hour to try the new Equinox 600 we got. Found 13 cents and a few pull tabs. He can't wait to get out again!

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Time with Grandpa and an new interest.  Good for you, and them.

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