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On the price of 3 South American stones

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 Greetings stone hunters!

Thanks in advance for taking your time to help me on this unexpected journey :)

Im from Asuncion, Paraguay. Im almost 28 and Ive been working as a leathercrafter for the last 4 years. The man that teached me all I know told me that his father is retiring and is saving up some money for his last part of the journey. He is selling some meteorite stones that he found in our territory. There is a person helping him out to sell these stones. This third person already got a chunk of the deal by taking care of the cerfication of authenticity of the stones. For that alone he already has a 10.000$ piece of the pie whenever its sold which I suspect is crazily overpriced. Now some man came along and offered 15.000$ for one stone and my mentors dad, old as he is, is thinking he might sell to have some cash available. Just for some context, these are leathercrafting hand working family that work a lot and usually live check by check paying mortgages and rent. They dont speak english and dont know how to work a computer or internet. 

My question for you would be where could I find someone that can properly price the stones and where could one offer them. 

Im attaching the pics Ive been provided and will post the certificate of authentication as soon as I have the papers and more detailed pics when I have the chance to see the stones. 

Thanks again for taking your time!!!





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Take the money and run,

Even if that is a real meteorite, it is far more money than that rock is worth.  $15,000 USD?   Why do you think that these stones are meteorites? 


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