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PSA - 5 Gallon Buckets - Flip them over


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Good advice Jack, 2 points that I never thought off. Now that I think of it, even small dogs getting over the edge for a drink and not being able to back out.

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That a good reminder, GeoJack.  There's not much else that can ruin a bunch of lives more thoroughly than losing a child to an incident so easily preventable as tipping water out of a bucket. 

Not as important, but still worth thinking about, is that slick-sided containers of water are hazardous to other critters, too.  I had some young fellows working on my Missouri place last year, and found a dead tarantula in a bucket of water they'd left behind my shop.  The spider probably had dropped in for a drink and then wasn't able to climb back out. 

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9 hours ago, Dakota Slim said:

It probably won't be long before california bans them.  

... or require new buckets to be manufactured with a minimum number of 1/2" drainage holes in the bottom, and forbid grandfathering of older buckets unless retrofitted with specified holes, followed by a 10-year governor's commission onsite feasibility study to determine suitability of drilled or punched, round or square, holes for the prevention of long-term water retention.  In the end, the commission will recommend sponges (farmed, not wild harvested) as the preferred method for transporting and storing water at mineral development work sites.

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Good advise and you also save bees by convincing the ever diligent public servants from spraying some unknown, but safe :2mo5pow: chemical all over the place. Kills way more than mosquitoes, but hey who's counting?

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