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Gold formed by earthquakes instantly?

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Interesting article, but too brief.  I'd like to read more.  It mentions the pressure drop, and I wonder how much is the associated temperature change.  It must be something like opening a hot pot outside in -30F weather -- the released steam changes to ice crystals instantly.

The steam/ice concept has made me wonder at times if the crystallized gold in veins forms in part as a sort of condensation process, as the hot liquid moves upward and contacts ever-cooler side walls.  If one wall is cooler than the other, that would be the side with the preponderance of gold -- even slight differences in the rates of heat conduction in the material of the two walls would make a difference in which side would have deposits and which wouldn't.

Cool story.  C'mon, quakes!

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Very, Very interesting, I've heard this before about the earthquakes but I have never read exactly how it happens until now, another prospecting tool, at least for the major gold exploration companies, these types of deposits I would think would be too deep for us small scalers to benefit!!

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