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I'm curious. Found at Lyme Regis UK

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What is this? I found it at low tide in Lyme Regis (famous fossil hunting site in the UK). I have cleaned it up quite thoroughly. My assumption is that it has spent a long time in the sea. There are some Red rusty deposits in the cracks but overall it is a metallic dark grey color with a slight purple tone. It's very hard, able to scratch glass. Unfortunately, I do not have a magnet.






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Well, I will take a shot at it.  Based on the photo alone, looks like quartz with Manganese coating.  It's not an iron ore if it can scratch glass. See if the black can be rubbed or ground off & what color is under the blackish-purple coloration.  Also, compare the unknown's "weight", as it feels in your hand, to a similar size piece of Quartz.  If they "Weigh" the same, it points to the unknown being Quartz or a silica mineral.  Let us know what you find out.

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