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Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

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Regarding how far rough nuggets can travel before becoming squished and smoothed and rounded, there are so many factors it would be impossible to come up with an equation that fit every nugget.  If the gold is contained in, say, lightweight quartz float, it could travel many miles in a fairly rough stream before getting pounded out of its little chunk of host rock, at which time the gold's SG would take over, it would travel much slower, settle down among heavier gravel, and lose its roughness.  Another factor that one of my uncles discussed years ago was the varying hardness of gold, depending on percentages of various alloyed metals in it -- slight variations in hardness might make a difference, in some circumstances, in how much banging around the gold could take before losing its crystalline appearance.  Interesting thread.

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How far can they travel? Perhaps there are no right answers to wrong questions.

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