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Howdy friends

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I found out about this forum by seeing Bill post on FB.

My name is Jack and currently living in so cal. I've been playing in the dirt about 10-11 years. I used to really like drywashing. Still do in fact but I've gotta watch how hard I push myself. 

Had back surgery for a crushed disc at L5 a little over a year ago. I've been setting tile for about 26 years and the hard labor has caught up with me. Long story as short as possible I have been metal detecting more, drywashing less. Recently applied for a sales rep position in Phoenix. Got the job and I'll be moving to the area end of june. Had to get off the tools. Can't stop prospecting though. Maybe if I get a bonus at my job I can buy a minelab from Bill =)

I know everyone loves pics, so here are a few from the many I have.

May your pan be heavy and the color steady.

Thanks for having me.






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Thanks guys. Just over the hills from here I got to drywash on my friends private claim. I ran about 8 buckets before hitting hardpack.2.8g total. The 3 largest pieces were metal detected and my first gold with a detector. These would have been 2' down had I not removed all the overburden. Side note...Several years back I begun learning chemical refining with AR. The shiny button is 37 grams of pretty pure gold. The guy I sell to sent it to his refiner and reported is was upward of 99%. Basically bullion...well almost =)



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Very nice Jack, you should post/copy some of this stuff in the Gold Prospecting section so it has more exposure and others who may miss it here will see this stuff, we love gold porn!! 

I sent you a PM on your questions concerning rules of the forum.

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Welcome to the forum Jack,  and great pictures. I especially like the gold button. Reminds me of when I use to melt my fines. Congrats on your new job in Phoenix. Sounds like a golden opportunity all the way around.  :4chsmu1:

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Nice pulll Jimmy! Yep, First Class Miners claim, the old Humbug. It’s been turned over and never stops giving. A friend of mine pulled a 1 Oz avoirdupois nug from it his first time metal detecting. Rare, absolutely... but it goes to show it’s still putting out.

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