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King Tuts Knife

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New science just proved it was made from a meterorite as metal arts composition was not know for yet another 800 years later. Laid on his chest as most sacred object for the afterlife, They never could figure out why a knife was so richly gold covered and laid in his box. Just a crazy new technology on old artifacts as meteors always been coveted-john

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History has been written, hidden, destroyed, and rewritten so many time we may never know some things. Governments are very good at hiding and destroying history that does not fit their agendas.

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I've held both daggers. The meteorite one has a quartz crystal pommel with two opposing through pins.

The other dagger is all gold with some cloisonne on the handle. The blade is a peculiar gold alloy formulated to hold an edge.

Better picture of the all gold dagger with it's gold sheath:


The obverse of the sheath on the gold one is decorated with various animals attacking other animals.

Nice stuff.

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National Geo show told it all about the construction of the knife. Most treasured artifact under the tightest security as the one and only and transfered in Eqypts' new museum. High cobalt content was a determining fact. Hope you can find the special as prized Tuts artifacts were a mishmash of artifacts and even part of the golden masks was repurposed from another. Amazing. John

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