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Pricing rarer type mineral specimens

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Hello All,

I have three mineral specimens that I simply don't know how to price.  They are quite rare, so there is not much about on them online---none for sale anywhere and no record of sales or pricing.  They are as follows:  (1) A very pretty aragonite specimen from the Northern Lights Mine, Mineral County, Nevada (small cabinet size);  (2) A dogtooth calcite specimen with marcasite from Brushy Creek, Reynolds County, Missouri (small cabinet size); and (3) A Mangyschlak quartz cluster, near Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan (large miniature size)  I did find one Mangyschlak quartz cluster, very large cabinet size, advertised at $3,000, but nothing in the size category of my specimens.  I am hoping some of you are experts in the mineral specimen field can give me a good idea of what these three may be worth.  They are specimens from the estate of a friend who had collected them over a period of 70 years.  Here are their pictures




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On 3/20/2018 at 7:22 PM, Relichunter2016 said:

You really need to go to a high end mineral dealer for an appraisal ...beautiful pieces.....thanks for sharing. 

I agree. Even broken tips or the slightest chip can reduce it's value significantly. 

Those are some gorgeous pieces but I don't know if I would consider them rare. The Brushy Creek Mine has produced literally tons of mineral specimens over the years. I've seen plenty of aragonite specimens from the Northern Lights Mine as well.

Just contact as many dealers as you can to get an idea on how to proceed.

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