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AMRA Call to Action--California State Bill 1222

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For all you Californians out there, contact your State Senators.  I'm sure many, many liberal environmentalists have let your representatives know, so an opposing view would be nice. 

Received the bill below from the AMRA with a copy and paste at the bottom. 


AMRA Call to Action!
Senate Bill 1222 needs your support
SB 1222 will be heard April 16th, 2018 by the Natural Resources Committee at the California State Capitol .
We need all hands on deck for this hearing!
Now is the time to let the boss know that you will not be at work that day! We must all be there to support this bill.
Keep the letters and Phone calls going to your representatives in Sacramento!
Senate Bill 1222 details
Below there is a link to a page which will tell you all about the bill and has links inside that with you can send an email to the Senators on the Environmental Quality Committee and the Natural Resources Committee which will decide the bills fate.
SB1222, provides needed relief to this vague language.
Here's the bill, it is now up to you to tell your Senator and County they need to support it.
SB1222 A California bill to clarify language for small miners
Copy and paste this into your email and send it to your representative today!
Dear Senator,
I support the passage of SB1222. The vague and adverse language put forth by SB637, the suction dredge bill of 2015, has caused other forms of low impact mining to become illegal. It has caused adverse economic impacts to rural communties within California and has adversely impacted thousands of small miners trying to supplement their incomes by using these low impact methods.
I srongly urge you to pass SB1222.
Who is AMRA?
Who is AMRA 2018
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Yes, SB1222 is at least a baby step in the right direction.  The "Rural Cleansing" of California must be stopped.  SB1222 appears to recognize at least one of the unfair injustices that have, in effect, pushed rural communities closer and closer to extinction.

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