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Equinox Gets Silver Today!

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Had the wife drop me off for an hour at an old park in Yonkers, New York, that I have been looking to get back to since last fall. On that hunt I got two Franklin halves in the same hole. Today I had the Equinox 600, and my Grave Digger Sidekick digger. I started in Park 1, and 5-tones. The silver coins were an average of 7"-9" deep, while the clad was 3"-6" down. I'm getting to the point that I can tell what the target is going to be before I even put digger to soil. I'm digging a lot less trash with the Equinox, and it is so good at unmasking coins in heavy trash! The silver quarters were hitting 31-32; Silver dimes 26-27; War nickel 14-15.





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Nice job Terry, I guess you guys have less snow left than we do up in Albany Area.

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Pretty impressive Terry :yesss:

I do envy you that you have old areas to detect. Not much "old" stuff here in Az. But, we have GOLD stuff :)
Tom H.


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