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Wrong Right Time AGAIN, eaaa?


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Well here I am, Up at the Wrong Right Time yet one more time. Woke Up at the Right Time , MY TIME and the Clock says I'm a Hour Late. Emmmm ??? Must of been exposed to one of those Mini Black Holes sleeping last night. Urrrrrrrg. Why in hell do they pretend they can change the time ?


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Once heard from an old Indian Chief 
"Only the white man think by cutting a foot off the top of a blanket and sewing on the bottom will it be longer "   .  :idunno:

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Yeap even though I knew the time was changing I fell asleep before setting the clocks/watch, woke up this morning looked at the time on my phone and thought.."why the hell did I sleep longer than I normally do" ..then looked at my watch and....said..."oh yeah that crap again"!!!! :2mo5pow:

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Yep, the dogs knew it was time for the Morning Pooo.  The Birds were waiting a the appointed hour to be fed.    Only ones confused on this crap was the Stupid Humans.

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