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First Beach hunt with the Equinox 800, loved it

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I love the Nox 800... took it out on my first beach trip it handles saltwater and sand no problem dug deep targets all day long, the little purse pendant thing I hit at 6 inches in ankle deep water at the shoreline. rang nice and clean. Machine was stable all the way to 25 near the water, near the parking lots i could use it at 22 stable...Sadly I took my Excalibur II all the way to Cali also and it never left my trunk :(


I did however notice there is an issue with at least my connection in the upper shaft area, it is developing a wiggle. hopefully something minelab can address, and yes the cam lock was tight. Not a huge issue but hoping it doesnt get worse. Another note the wireless headphone earcuffs are narrrow by design and they did tend to hurt after a bit, overall comfortable though and they kept my ears warm. Beyond that I have Zero complaints. It performed flawlessly. 


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shaft play issue, not extreme but may worsen the camera cant pick up how much it moves well, but when you swing it you can feel it, let me know if any of you are experiencing the same 


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16 minutes ago, Bill Southern said:

Wow.... Wondered where you went.... that is allot of digging! Contact Minelab on the shaft please, input is important and if an issue it will be replaced.


I sent them a message on it I think it could be fixed with a simple 2 headed push pin rather than the single they have in it. yeah thank god it was just sand to scoop lol I would hate to dig that many pennies in our hardened AZ dirt

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