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I want to say first off that if i am posting too much please just tell me to stop lol. When i get on a quest for knowledge and understanding i dont stop until i am satisfied. :reading:

now on to the post topic.

i was watching videos on Geodes today. I would really like to go hunting for Geodes this summer as well as other things.

as i was watching these videos on Geodes i noticed they all were spherical and i guess kind of nobby looking. It was described in a later video as cauliflower looking. Anyway i thought i might have some so i went to my rock collection from years ago and pulled these out. Now these dont really look like Geodes i have seen in gift shops but they are similar to what was on the videos i watched today. The geodes the people were finding in the videos were quartz geodes apparently. My question to everyone is are these geodes and what are some ways to tell if what i find is a geode? 

If any of these are in fact geodes i will cut them open rather than break them and post the results here. 





this last photo i am pretty sure is not a geode but just in case i posted it anyway.


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I found my Tyrannosaurus Rex Geode in Southwestern Arizona.  When I found it, it was upside down with the dull boring side up.  I just happened to kick it over to recognize it.  It is somewhat sedimentary in character, and came out of a quartz pocket.  On occasion I like placing a number of my gold nuggets within it's cavities; taking a photo, and putting it on this forum just to see how much excitement I can conjure-up by doing so.:2mo5pow:  Gary :200:




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If you want to find geodes, go to the geode capital of the world, Keokuk, Iowa. Tons and tons of geodes are there for the taking with many different species.


Sometimes you can just pick them off the ground if they've eroded from the host matrix. Otherwise you'll need a hammer and chisel to free them.


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