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Problems with LR2000


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Anyone else having issues with LR2000? I haven't been able to run a report for awhile and curious if anyone else is having issues with LR2000? 


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I have become used to using mylandmaters.org when that happens to me.

I just tried the new BLM site and it worked for me.  I went to https://reports.blm.gov/reports.cfm?application=LR2000 and chose the MC-Geo-Index Report at:


From there, I chose the state, and then chose the first pop down at Meridian Township Range: which was 14 0010N 0010E.  That meant the AZ code for Gila Meridian, 14, and then 1N 1E.  I changed the 10N and 10E to choose the area my claim was at and the hundreds of claims in that township/range showed up.

The lack of instructions on the BLM site is frustrating.  At first glance 14 0010N 0010E looks like it would be 10N 10W, but its 1N 1 E.

There is also vast swathes of land where there are 0 claims.  I think thousands of (worthless) claims have been dropped opening up much land.

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I wonder if its a browser issue? I sent some location notices recently and have been trying to track their progress. Ive tried township, claim name, and owner serach and its just giving me a blank page. I will try antother browser and see if its that. I agree though land matters is my go to page but I cant see pending claims in their database.



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