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Quartz Question

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Hey everyone,

I have a big piece of Quartz i have had for a couple years. I was wondering what the best way is to clean it up, and is there anything i can do with it that is cool and fun? I wouldnt mind cuting it but i dont have equipment to do that. also is this rose quartz?





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I'm kind of wondering what something like that would look like sliced.  I got a set of marble coasters when I visited India, and I actually think it's a solid piece of quartz without cracks.  I've been looking for quartz that may be worth slicing, but the stuff I come across seems much too cracked and I believe the cracks naturally in the rocks would run through it.  Although the rock in the picture is better than the specimens I find locally, looks as if it would be too cracked to make a set of coaster like I'm thinking.

I have no rock hounding experience worth mentioning, but I did get interested in Quarts when the quarts lamps started to appear a few years ago.

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