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Rocker box pics


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I really wish I was as interested in History when I was in school as I am now.  Outstanding pics.

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I have a claim with a small creek on it and I am going to use it as a "Historical Mining Classroom".

I will be teaching anyone who has an interest in mining, the old timer's ways.

I need to build a Rocker exactly like one of these in these photos.

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Hi For my book 5 in my A Klondike Gold Rush Miner's Life series, I would like permission to use the British Columbia photo of a miner at his rocker box, with hat & scarf looking straight on, found on your Nugget Shooter Forum. I would also like to switch the head on this gold miner to the head of my great uncle, Gaudias Poulin, the subject of my book 5, The Homecoming which will chronicle Gaudias Poulin's life. And I would like permission to use that cannibalized image in my social media. 


Joyce Derenas 

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