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Be careful if you decide to dig a "9"


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So I went out to Bill's yesterday and picked up my Equinox800.  I was only there for a few minutes before one of Bill's ladies flew out a 'kissed' me on the cheek. :inocent:

Fortunately I'm not allergic, and it's only a small welt today.  Although it is starting to get a little itchy now.  

Besides the bee sting...  it was nice to talk to Bill for a while since normally when I see him it's a NS outing and he's busy with 25 other people.

Anyways...   Earlier today I took the 800 out in my backyard for it's first run.  The very first target I dug was a 1966 dime.  :)  Then I got a piece of thick rusty wire, an aluminum grommet, and penny that had been hit with the mower.  The fifth and final target of the day was reading "9" on the display and to my surprise it was a live .22lr round.  :arrowheadsmiley:

This type of detector (coin/relic) is all new to me so I don't have much opinion on it specifically, other than I like it so far.  I still have a lot to learn though.



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Yep I can't even remember all the detectors I have had to learn over the years and as technology improves so do our odds. Sorry about the grumpy bee, but I was working with them when you walked up and well :idunno:Great talking with you Luke and would be fun to do a hunt one day.

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Don't have a "9" on my gold Bug 2 but I've dug maybe a hundred live rounds.... they don't bother me, it's the blasting caps that I keep digging up that do!

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