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During early Bradshaw history, there is the story of two French miners that worked a creek near Ship Rock for gold and silver. Apache Indian activity was very active in this area as it was near the still undiscovered secret hot springs that we now call Castle Hot Springs. These miners happened to find a great amount of gold which they hid in a small cave along or near the creek. As with most greed (gold fever) got the best of these two souls and they stayed longer than they should have.   An Apache war party eventually found them and killed them both. The gold has never been recovered to this day and sits in a small cave somewhere along or near the creek. In remembrance of these two Frenchman the creek was named French Creek. This is the one lost treasure I have spent time looking for, but only found Hohokam ruins instead.

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Thank you for sharing and good luck in your quest.  I have been doing map research for places to prospect in that area, and although there is loads of unclaimed land, a lot of it is quite remote still and quite a walk or need of a quad to go there.

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Got this one locally and looking for it as well. 

The Kanaka (Hawaiian) people of El Dorado County were among the very first settlers to establish a town with permanent structures here, long before the 49er’s ever saw California. Like everyone else they manned the Gold Rush but worked as farmers selling produce to miners in Coloma. They named their town after the village chief, Kenao. To the Kanaka the place was known as Kenao Village, to the Americans it was called Kanaka Town.

One of the Islanders was a miner known as “Kanaka Jack.” Exactly when he joined his countrymen at Kanaka Town is unknown, however he was the last living Hawaiian at the village when he died at the County Hospital in 1912. For decades Jack had worked the Kanaka Jack Mine, along Irish Creek not far from town. Its location like that of the gold he’d cached for decades are secrets he took with him to the grave. Today treasure hunters still go in search of the lost Kanaka Mine and the secret cache of Kanaka Jack.

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Cool story Bill,

Ive hiked all through that area when I was a teenager. There are allot of small caves in the black cave area just E of Castle Hot Springs. Your right about the Hohokam stuff some of the caves were packed with pottery and stone tools. Would be interesting if you knew where the Apaches attacked them, that would be a good starting point. 


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