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I don't like them but, I'm not a spider squisher...  I put them outside when discovered in the house.

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I squish them, then put them outside.  Too many Black Widows and Brown Recluse around here to want them to breed.  Haven't been bit by any spiders as yet but those inscorptesects get me every time.  

   Old Tom

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Jeez, what a coincidence because I just happen to breed spiders and train them to eat people!!!!! Bwahhhhhahahhaahah!!!!(evil laugh)!!!:evil1:




I used to be extremely frightened by spiders after watching the movie Arachnophobia as a child it scared the bejesus out of me, now that I've grown older and work in landscaping I've encountered plenty of spiders and I realize are not a true threat, they don't bug you if you don't bug them but if you squash them it's your prerogative they are a very important species in the animal kingdom in the end. On the other hand with the threat of being bit by a aggressive brown recluse, I agree that if they are in you dojo, kill them because I'm sure a bite will include a very expensive medical bill and perhaps even therapy. 

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