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I thought I'd search out some new ground today down in the lower desert, considering the ground around Lynx creek is somewhat frozen, and it's gotten cold and very windy up here.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day down there, with very little wind blowing.  I hiked up a new wash for about 2-miles fighting the overgrown brush, cat claw, cactus, and pokey-palo-verde bushes most of the way.  There was plenty of very good looking exposed bedrock in the wash as well, but I was very surprised by not finding any targets at all???...  not even the usual lead shrapnel, slugs, etc.  I reached a point where I could see remains of an old hard rock mine up tucked away in a little saddle area on a hillside.  I hiked up and took some photos (attached), and then decided to head back down to the main wash.  The wash that I had came up was so brushy  that I decided to hike to the top of the ridge and walk the ridge line down; but it turned out to be about as thick up there as well.  But I happened to stumble across a cow path, ..and considering cows are like bull dozers pushing thru brush, will usually find the easiest way down and along a ridge line, and will usually find the easiest and fastest way down to water, the going got a lot easier for me.  So, I'm following this cow path, which dropped down along the ridge line into a small (barley there) wash, when it all of a sudden head up and over a small ridge.  The minute I topped that small ridge "my day just got better" because when I looked down into another barley-there-wash I saw "ROCK-STACKINGS" ........YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!  This wash is so Tucked away, and Secluded that it can't even be seen from the main wash; and it's overgrown with trees and heavy brush as well.  I put my back pack and detector down and walked up the wash to see just how much and how far up the wash the stacking had ben done.  This (main) "sort-of-a-wash" is about 100 ft. long and then it "Y's"-off into two feeder washes, which also have rock stacking as well.  I really couldn't tell if it was the Ol timers that had worked it, ..  or someone over the last 50-or-so years had done all the work.  But whoever it was had pulled not only big rocks out of the wash, but had also pulled all different sizes of small-to-medium rocks out as well,.. all the way down to bedrock.  I could tell though that over the years of monsoon rains had brought back-in more overburden, and that who ever worked it had only worked a short distance up each of the two feeder washes, as the original 3-4 foot deep rocks and boulders are still there.  At any rate, I detected the inside bend of the main (sort-of-wash) and managed to pull 4-well-worn nuggets out.  So, "someone" over the years missed 1.59 Grams of nuggets, even after all their work,.......THANK YOU VERY MUCH.    Gary         









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Ditto, good story and pics, congrats on the nuggets.


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Those are some well deserved nuggets.  Looks like the skunk is off your back too.  :D

I'd say you had twice as much fun as I had yesterday.  :brows:

Congrats Gary !!  :thumbsupanim


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WTG Gary. Great sleuthing on your part ... as others have said go back soon! ... You were being watched! :grr01: Yup! ... a bit cold up here in PV ... I'm headed down to LSD for an afternoon lesson here soon. We were going to do it up here but with a temp of only 42 for an expected high I am looking forward to a little warmer air and sunshine on the ole backside. 

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Nice ones Gary :yesss:

Now you have a spot down here to hunt when its cold up there.

Tom H.


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Thanks everyone,...  I guess I should have entitled this post:  "Cow path leads to gold nuggets" :4chsmu1: but I thought my chosen title was more secretive, elusive, eye-catching, mysterious, etc., etc., etc.:200:

Oh yea, this is definitely a do-over spot, at least before it gets Too Hot down there; and yea, I definitely got my cardio vascular exercise in working up the wash.  I think my legs and lower calves are like tree trunks now.:ROFL: 

Actually Tom, I've got a "number" of spots down there to hunt over the winter months.  Guess I'll add one more.....I'm still looking for new ground while it is reasonably cool down there.  One can never have too many producing spots ya know.

Hey Luke, was that you driving down towards Cleator yesterday?  There was a silver pickup a mile or so ahead of me that was definitely not wasting time getting to where they where heading--churning up dust, until I backed way off to let it settle.

Hey Bill, I got all of those nuggets down deep within bedrock cracks using my GPZ-7000.  I'm learning to listen carefully for those faint-warbles.  The only drawback (for me anyway) is being able to pin point the target, and having difficulty in maneuvering the 14" coil in very tight areas.  Gary  

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