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Monster Gold - The Pounded Patches Are Producing Again!


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LOL on the title :inocent: My better half has been wanting a Gold Monster as she is no fan of the drone of the threshold on the Gold Bug 2 (GB2). She often runs it silent and knows this can be risky with missing gold. So I bought her one and we decided to give it a few hour test run seeing it was such a beautiful day. It was very hard for me to leave the GPZ at home and just try and dial this thing in for her :4chsmu1:

Our plan was to test the Monster in two areas.The first area is loaded with trash so we had the opportunity to test out the different modes. The second area has been pounded by numerous detectors over the years and you're lucky to ever hear a target. We also used both coils and liked them both. The little nugget was found with the 10x6 coil and I'm sure the 5' would have found the nugget as well. It was not very deep, maybe an inch.

Now I've only used the Monster for one day so my opinion of it is still in the forming stages. Having used detectors for find gold for many, many years I can say that the Monster is an easy to use machine for me. And my better half finds it easier to use than the GB2. Why? She relates to the buttons and digital screen of the Monster far more than she does the knobs and switches of the GB2 and, she certainly enjoys the relative quietness of the Monster over the GB2. Seems like a fun, productive, and easy to use detector so far :black_knight_standing:


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Nice one Rod, a tip, as you are one smart computer nerd :th_coffeescreen: keep in mind the 24 bit micro processor on board and when getting an initial ground balance established it can take 7 to 15 seconds depending on ground and any time lifted over 8 inches or so the darn thing balances to the air :ROFL:and ya gotta balance again. I am guessing you know this, but always good to share with others reading. The main complaint many have about this is it is unstable and in most cases it is a result of not having the detector set up correctly, go figure. Have fun my friend and you may find it a go to foe shallow ground and bedrock when it replaces the GB 2 :4chsmu1: 

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2 hours ago, Bill Southern said:

...any time lifted over 8 inches or so the darn thing balances to the air :ROFL:and ya gotta balance again. 

Thanks for the reminder Bill :thumbsupanim We did replace the stock headphones with Koss UR 80s. We tried 1/4 to 1/8 adapters (both mono and stereo) for the UR 30s and both worked fine surprisingly (from what I've read folks were seeing mixed results). The UR 80s are the smaller 1/8 jack and fit nicely. They are not quite as heavy duty as the UR 30s but much beefier than the stock Monster headphones (which are like something from the 70s Walkman era :rolleyes:). The 80s worked great and no need for an adapter :head: We'll give the Monster another run tomorrow but think we'll hit a different area and this time, I'll bring the GPZ :yesss: 

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Good going on the nug :) It is a good little machine and handles the ground well.

Here are a couple of things I did to mine to make life easier...

Taped the adapter on to the body so when bushes are yanking at it, its not yanking the little jack of the adapter.

Also got some kids play foam from Dollar tree and wrapped the hand hold with it. Just makes it a little more comfortable.

Good luck out there!
Tom H.




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