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I think i got screwed!!

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So i went to the city today. Found a rock in a store. They had meteorites there for sale and i thought cool. Would be cool to grab one so i can learn more about what i am looking for. They had a tray of a bunch supposedly from russia and some other places. They had a bunch that were all black. I had nothing with me to test it so i took the persons word for it that they are all lagit. Bought 1 of the black ones for $45. I got back to where i am staying for the weekend. I grabbed a crappy fridge magnet and put it to the “ meteorite “ and nothing. I am no expert but i think it should be attracked. What are your thoughts? I think i got screwed not sure if they will take it back either.




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Tektites are believed to have formed from many types of impact senerios into groups. I found these in and undisclosed area many years ago and there are more, lots more. most where embedded in with gravel in caliche. If the surface on them was caused by wind laying on the surface of the planet. Why would they have this strange wind blown ablation evenly on all sides? I have done some tests on them in the past but I'm not done with them yet. They may be Apache tears but I have to say they are the strangest looking Apache tears I've ever seen.



Tektites 002.JPG

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Fridge magnets often aren't strong enough to attract a meteorite, but as has been pointed out that's a tektite, and probably worth more like $0.45 that $45.  You might want to have a talk with that shop.

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20 hours ago, pRoDiEuS said:

Those are very interesting. Are Apache tears just the shape of them or?? Really cool find though. 

Apache Tears are obsidian nodules that probably got that name because of the general location (once Apache country) they are sometimes found. I got into an area east of Phoenix once where I started noticing what looked like blobs of dark colored glass balls scattered in the washes? Come to find out they were Apache Tears that were eroding out from the host rock from higher up. 

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