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Thanks for sharing Bill!

The report is a good read and Ive had good luck in detecting those mid tertiary deposits especially where quartz is intruding andesite or in andesite contact zones. There is one spot I detect where purple colored andesite contacts granite and Ive been able to find detectable gold and silver on that contact.  


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Looks to me to metal detect on state trust land is not as expensive as I thought. https://land.az.gov/content/mineral-exploration-permits

So for me to metal detect on state trust land for a 20 acre claim would be a mere $3540 the first year and $20 each year after that, but at year five, I would need to start over.  If I'm reading this correctly, this could be a reasonable price to get in a decent area for a club.  For a 640 acre claim, the Price would go up to $4780 the first year and $640 each year after that.  For a 640 acre paid claim on BLM land would be $3840.  I would call this mineral exploration because there is no subsurface disturbance with metal detecting that would drive a archeological or biological survey.


$500 Application fee, up to 640 acres, one time fee, good for five years

$2 per acre the first year $1 per acre after that.

$3000 bond.  Don't know if that is refundable.

Other things I'm not sure of: Minimum work expenditure requirements are:   $10 per acre per year for years 1-2; and -    $20 per acre per year for years 3-5.


When AZ was surveyed two sections were set aside in every township / range for future development, usually section 16.  If you're in a gold bearing area, often there's extensive evidence of mining in section 16, but a lack of claims. 

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