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Lunch break find, yay or nay??

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Kinda interesting my friends, it doesn't attract a magnet, I thought maybe it's magnetite stained but after a barely visible streak and I do lots of streak tests I'm not sure what to think. There is a nice mm profile on the margin resembling a crust yet the matrix is not distinguishable at the moment and nothing obvious.





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17 hours ago, Mikestang said:

Looks like an oxide coating on a sedimentary rock to me.

I agree guys, I was reluctant to post this rock because I felt like it was just a coating and certainly wrong, but after a couple beers last night I had to pull the trigger, big ole wrong . I have some examples with crust but they are pretty weathered like this one but still learning.


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19 minutes ago, Rocky said:

Unfortunately I haven't found any yet but the detector opens new horizons at least. I know cold hunts with detectors aren't suggested but I'm going to try anyways!

At least your getting out there.

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