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Tucson Gold Show 2-17-18 and 2-18-18


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I am thinking of going from Phoenix to Tucson for the show.  Since you're in Tucson, I don't see why you shouldn't.  The admission to the ones I went to was $5 and probably the best $5 I'd spent all year.

Bill the one who hosts this forum will speak there.  I always get something out of him when he speaks.  Tips like when you look at a drywashing pile, if the fines that made it through the classifier are still there, it's less than two years old, among many others.  The four I went to had a real decent selection for the door prizes.  Also, the vendors have a lot of the machines on display so you get to decide what is right for you.  Should it mean anything, Tom or one of his family are usually walking around the show.

Honestly, at the one in Phoenix last year, looked like a wash for the sellers.  There was a decent selection of vendors, but not a whole lot of customers.  I am not surprised the GPAA decide not to host it in Phoenix this year.  I also think that interest in small gold mining is dying.  I'm not a vendor, but when I first got into the hobby, the price of gold was skyrocketing and the Gold show circuit for the GPAA was much bigger.  I think holding the GPAA show at the tail end of the Tucson Gem show will be a great decision for attendance.

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I will be having my usual booth there. (Jim's Metal Detectors- White's Electronics). Bill and Kevin always give informative talks. Lots of good people and cool stuff to see and buy.

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