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A few live digs from last night with the Minelab Equinox 800


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I did a little nail test yesterday (5 nails tightly around a silver quarter, very tough) but fully disclosed in video that im still learning and results may vary, a few guys saw the video as i simply ran it in a few default modes Park 1 didnt hit it well, so they got a negative opinion on it due to that one video. I told them dont jump  the gun and draw a conclusion of one video of an inexperienced user. That being said I read more and am starting to understand the various settings, I tweaked them and may have some nice results to show you all. After my tweaks I highly recommend the 800 version as you can adjust many other tones and pitches and other stuff to make those hidden targets sing. Im still in my infancy as an owner but I can see the potential now and am completely satisfied with my purchase... maybe I shouldnt hype it though, more goodies for me lol.


Gotta use the all the tools Minelab put them there just learn them and you will prosper

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There is always a learning curve with new technology and this is also very true for the GM 1000 or GPZ 7000, first time out with both left me scratching my head :89:, but after learning their settings and function they are both amazing metal detectors. First time with the Gold Monster the micro processor had me frustrated some, figured out just had to use it correctly :head: 

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