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Went out Thursday.  Got a nice little target, but I hardly could tell what it was until I got it home and cleaned it up.  About the size of a small pea.  GPZ7000 is insane that it can find little disseminated specimens like this.  Found one more nice little nugget after this mystery piece.  Doc

Gold Specimen TBRH.jpg

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Good detecting, Doc! 

My last trip to Rye Patch, Norm found a bit of junk- or so we thought. Being curious I bit it, scrapped it and fiddled with it...still not happy I put it in some cleaner and found the gold within...it was a tiny specie...like yours.

BTW; watch those feet, you almost stepped on your coil,haha!


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11 hours ago, mn90403 said:

Nice find as you seem to post good ones.

So Doc, how is it after the operation for you?




Thank you for asking.  It is like night and day.

Before the operation, about 3 hours into the day I would start having unbelievable pain on the left side.  I couldn't carry my pick over there because it put too much weight on that Sacro-Iliac joint.  I also modified my Camel back to be on a 2 inch Nylon web belt.  So I actually carry it horizontally across my back at the waist.  I could not stand the weight of that either, so I would have to rotate it around to the front.

I would get to the point where I had to take little short steps just to get back to my ATV.

A day of hard hiking while prospecting, and I would be laid up for three days.  I could not stand up out of a sitting position.  My wife would have to pull me up.  I would lay on a heating pad, and alternate with an ice pack.  I would use muscle relaxers (which were of questionable help) and use Voltaren, which is a prescription anti-inflammatory cream that is absorbed through the skin.  I would have to go to the Chiropractor, and he would put the joint back in place.  When it was out my left leg would be 2 inches shorter than my right leg.

Now, zero problems.  I can detect all day, never have to move my pick.  Virtually painless.  Best thing I ever did.  I am just amazed at what a 1 hour operation can do for your quality of life.  I would have done it a lot sooner had I known.

Here's the xray.  What they do is fuse your pelvis to your tailbone so the tailbone can not slip down between your pelvis and get stuck.  This SI Joint Dysfunction happens when you tear the ligaments  across the front of the pelvis that hold the pelvis tight to the tail bone.  I get the right side done sometime in April.  My right side was never as bad as my left.  But doing one side and not the other, usually puts a lot of stress on the non fused side and you end up in pain on that side too, along with the osteo arthritis, so I would prefer to nip it in the bud rather that let that side go all to hell.


2017-12-22 10.18.16-2.jpg

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Cool little specie :yesss:

Thanks for the video. Good to see you dig it up and get stumped :)

Drag that dead Joshua tree out of the way.....theres a nugget under it!
Tom H.

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5 minutes ago, TomH said:

Cool little specie :yesss:

Thanks for the video. Good to see you dig it up and get stumped :)

Drag that dead Joshua tree out of the way.....theres a nugget under it!
Tom H.

I did and there wasn't.  This time.  But you have no idea how many times I have.  It astounds me that there will be dig holes everywhere and a dead Joshua Tree that weighs as much as a piece of styro-foam lying there undisturbed.

Go where no one would want to go.
Do what no one would want to do.
Dig the hole deeper than anyone else would.
Not sure?  Take a couple of inches of dirt off.
If it's in the way move it.
Roll the rock over.
Stick your detector under that bush with all the thorns.
Never assume someone has already detected there.
When you see dig holes, check the holes, check the piles of dirt, slow down, listen hard.
You're not smart enough, nor are you a psychic, so don't decide it's trash before you dig it up.
If you're digging trash, you're in the right place.
That gully you pounded and cleaned out two years ago; give it another go.
Walk until you drop, then crawl another mile and you will find virgin ground.


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