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Greetings All,

I  took my Gold Monster 1000 for its weekly walk yesterday.  Have been frustrated with it due to a seven week skunk.  Wondering how much gold it (the Monster) has been missing.  I went to an area that has small drainages and rivulets and in the past have found 2 little nuggets there with my trusty White's Gold Master 3.  The ground has lots of hot rocks and differentiated soils which made my GM 3 very hard to keep ground balanced.  I figured that this would be a perfect place to test the Monster's automatic ground balance abilities.

After about an hour or so of hunting, I finally got my first positive (gold) target.  First I lightly scrapped of the top stones,  Target still there.  Dug maybe an inch down and the target was out. Target being on the surface so it is probably a piece of bullet.  Target in hand, it was sort of rounded and grayish in color.  About the size of a modern day BB.  Gave it a quick bath and no shinny yellow could be seen.  Gave it the scratch test to reveal shiny silver of lead. Nada.  Put it away in a small container and will deal with it later at home.  The rest of the day yielded only trash and more frustration.

At home I relayed to the wife that I still had that dreaded skunk.  Later I decided to take a better look at the BB size target that I brought home.  Using my 10X hand loop, I could only see grayish and white quartz so in the mortar and pestle it went.  Dumping the contents into a dry gold finishing pan.  Low and behold, a small, and I do mean small piece of gold appeared.  Unbelievable.  The only reason I am telling this story is that I still can't wrap my head around the fact that a metal detector of any kind could find this miniscule  piece of gold.  Really impressed with the Gold Monster 1000.  Oh yea, I was using the 10" coil and standard junk headphones.

This is not a made up story or "Fake News"  It really happened.

Cheers, Bob



Monster micro gold 002.JPG

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WTG on the gold :) Glad you stuffed it in you pouch to look at later. Ive had a few like that also.

 Keep at it. The monster is a good machine.

Tom H.

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Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words and response. 

What I learned is that thru those skunk days, I simply hadn't put the coil over the gold.  I was mainly hunting and exploring in new areas which had exceptionally hot ground and was hoping the Monster (with all its whistles and bells) would find some nuggets in these hard to work areas.  Anyway, I feel more comfortable that the Monster will get me the gold whenever the coil crosses over it.


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NIce work, Bob. :yesss:  Anything that rings out and has quartz on it should definitely be kept for later investigation.  Many times you have to crush it to find the BB size pieces hiding within.  Trust that GM1000.  She'll do you well. 

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