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Hope I have room to prospect.


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Well in June my first trip west of NYS ever for a week in Denver (vacation). I have been looking (reasearch) for a place to try my newbie panning. Will have my pans in my luggage, my knowledge from you folks and determination. Just want to find a peaceful little promising creek, but, The only picture in my mind and I hope it's not going to be like this.....is it?


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I thought that was the photo of the last outing when someone lost their keys and everyone stepped up to help find them, after several hours of everyone hunting for the keys the person that lost his keys found them in his back pocket, I think this all happened after everyone had a few beers :oregonian_winesmiley:, but that didn't upset anyone, they all went back to celebrate finding the keys by drinking a few more!! :2drink:

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Doesn't seem to be any other equipment around except for a shovel.  Every one is digging straight down in a round hole.  Can't figure just what they were after, water?  

Things aren't this bad out here yet, Cooper.  

  Old Tom

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All I'm looking for is a little grassy area, by a little stream, my trusted pup sitting besides me, grill behind with 3 juicy steaks sizzling, a pan in one hand, the sun shining down on the 2 bikini clad blondes resting.......... oops, wrong day dream.

Just want to have fun and find a speck or two. Coop


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