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Micro Nugget

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Congrats :4chsmu1: That's beautiful gold and shows why new area exploration can really be rewarding. Time to finish this coffee and grab the detector :head:

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Holy smokes!! Those are some nice hunks :)
Tom H.


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The new spot coughed up a few more yesterday.  Three to be exact.  In the photo the three in the dark square (3.7g) are the new nuggs and the seven in the light colored square are the originals which when cleaned up weigh 12.52g for a two day total of 16.22g.

The largest  was the first one recovered.  It yielded only the barest of initial responses.  I almost passed over it.  However after kicking aside several loose cobbles that littered the surface I was able to get my coil 3 or 4 inches closer to brush directly against the ground surface.  Ahhh, then the signal sang out a beautiful, yet muted, musical note.  A faint yet unmistakeable and repeatable high/low "EEE---YOU".  I quickly unhooked my hip-stick and went to work with the trusty Walco Pick.  Five more inches (and many, many more stones) down the signal became more robust, but not yet screaming.  This excited me because I knew it still was a lot deeper plus I knew it was highly unlikely any bullet or piece of trash could have worked its way this deep into such an impenetrable matrix of rocks and "old dirt".  Whew!  I was getting winded from the effort.  20 minutes later after great difficulty removing some rather large, compressed and interlocked rocks I began hitting a damp, sticky clay layer.  The coil was screaming at around 20 inches but it took another 10 minutes or so to finally dislodge the last cobbles.  After adjusting the coil straight up and down and suspending it in a gentle back and forth pendulum-like motion I was able to estimate where the nugget was hiding.  A careful probing dislodged it out of the wet, sticky clay.


Another nugget four feet away told me I may have stumbled upon a patch.  Several hours later a precursor of the super blue moon rose up in the east.  It had turned very cold.  It was time to head for the barn...


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