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graded areas


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what has happened in the past when you find a flat area that looks like its been graded ? found this spot( not lsd ) in a known gold are and am curious.

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I was thinking a coral or perhaps an old building not on topos.  Could even be the location of an old military training area.  The area was supposed to have quite a few communities and squatters from the depression to WW II.  I do think the two things that went on was raising cattle, with maybe sheep, and mining.  The mining brings people and they'll stay until the community or camp is no longer profitable, and then they will leave.  The ranchers grazing the cows stay a bit longer.

In an old topo I studied, I found a site called Copperopolis. Google imagery shows nothing there, but I don't see how anyone could resist the urge to go out there and see it.

I've got an area I'd like to take down to bedrock, but that would be a dozer or excavator rather than a grader.

Would be nice to take the detector to see what turns up.

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John said it ... it is a clue.  You have to determine if it is a good clue.

We have an area around Barstow that we hunt.  One of the places we were going you had to dig down to the .5 grammers.  This made for a long day and there were no fines for the drywashers.

After a few years of this someone started looking around on the open ground and saw push areas.  We went out there and detected the 'push' but didn't find anything the first trip ... even with our 7000s.  Then he found a couple of nuggets.  Then we started detecting the unpushed areas near and we found more nuggets, then we saw signs other places near that had been pushed many years before and some places had dig holes ...

The short version is we found hundreds of nuggets and several ounces off of the mile square area over the last couple of years.  We have hammered it and now only get a few Monster nuggets.

John M, where was your push?


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the push area is large enough for an army of tents and is really close to a fault. on the other side of the wash there is a vertical strip of gossan.  this is in central az. iv'e  read blogs on this site saying that it was worked lots of years ago but have not seen any detector dig holes in the graded area . just got a detector a few weeks ago.  i'll check it out someday.  thanks for comments as i am very green at this.

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