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We found the exact site of the Old Woman Meteorite

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Hi All Nugget Shooters, Chris Doering here. I'm a ham radio operator KI6QBM.

Fernando Ramirez KJ6YOS convinced me to hike to the area where the Old Woman Meteorite was supposed to have been lifted from. When I first heard the story about the Old Woman Meteorite I would have thought that the second largest meteorite to be found in the U.S. would have been more meticulously documented. 

All the coords posted were wrong by some degree. I think Wikipedia was one of the furthest off... And...It did not help that all the historical photos available are all actually backwards.

Anyways we found the exact resting spot of the meteorite and our club is planning to release an up-to-date documentary.

We hope you'll enjoy what's coming!

Documentary trailer here: 



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FYI: We're telling this story from the perspective of "Lucky Nugget" (the name on the placer mine claim) because we feel it captures the wonder, amazement and thrill of the discovery that was somehow lost in the story of the "Old Woman Meteorite" with all the controversy. It's the same meteorite, but with the aim telling the story along with the spirit of discovery that seemed to get lost in the official accounts. We're not advocating in any way that the name should be anything different that what it is.

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Hey Land Ops, It' been hunted by several meteorite hunters..... but there is another claim nearby..:200:  Hope you find something... Great video by the way.



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As big as the Old Woman Meteorite was, you'd think some pieces would have splintered off upon entry or impact. Yet none was found to the best of my knowledge. Isn't that a little odd?

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