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Beautiful Day with GPZ Gold


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What a beautiful day to hike a few miles in gold country :hiker: The pre-dawn temps felt like they were in the 30’s and somehow that good crispy chill always makes your coffee taste better. I recently replaced the handle on my Apex pick and am very glad to have it done as the GPZ really hits some deep targets. Crazy how the Z can find both small and large nuggets at depth for the size. I don’t necessarily advocate for buying the latest and greatest technology but learning the Z (zvt) is certainly proving to be a lot of fun after many years of using vlf and pi detectors. 

There is the expected trash in this area and some very nice gold for anyone willing to work through the trash to find it. What you see is just a fraction of the bullets, must have been a shooting gallery :cowboypistol: Even found and iron toe :) There were some detector digs in the area where the nuggets were found that appear to be fairly recent. My guess is weekend warriors missed them :inocent: Everyone misses gold now and then, no exceptions :idunno: Maybe the Javelinas found some gold too after they had a snack :rolleyes: 6.1 grams in the poke :black_knight_standing:

Life is good :thumbsupanim



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Bill I'm thinking about coming out of retirement.       :D 


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Nice Gold Rod :)

Casing looks kind of old.

Been up some washes that were the same way, dig holes, but gold was missed.

You never know what detector/coil/experience level the person was. So, we still detect.

GL to ya. Keep posting the finds. :yesss:

Tom H.



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1 hour ago, Bill Southern said:

Yepper, man I need to retire :ya: Nice gold.

Dont retire Bill! Its very tough. Forget what day it is, cant figure out where to go out and eat, what day will I go detecting, stuff like that.  I wish I was back working.....NOT! :)
Tom H.

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On 1/25/2018 at 4:18 PM, H-2 Charlie said:

That sure was a super hunt .

How deep were those big lunkers ?

It's funny you ask that as I have yet to put the "every 1 inch" marks on my new Apex handle. It's easy to do, measure, mark, and stain (optional). The best way I can answer that is to say that that for their size, the nuggets were much deeper than another other vlf or pi detector that I've used over the years (and there have been plenty) could have found them. I'll take some time next week and mark the handle :)

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On 1/24/2018 at 10:50 PM, NvAuMiner said:

Is that a sunbaker I see??  Congrats!!!

If that's a sunbaker, I missed it :89: :ROFL: Now you've got me curious, I'll go take a look :)

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