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I wonder if he was detecting in the Colbalt mining district in Canada? A few years ago, detectorists were finding tons of native silver in the old mine dumps. I don't think it was crystalized or anything. Just massive native silver. Probably still a lot of detecting still going on using the lastest technology like the GPZ 7000. I remember seeing an old picture of a silver sidewalk. It must have been at least three feet wide, one foot thick and can't remember how long it was.


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I do think a lot of us have overlooked silver when out prospecting.  We're not tossing silver nuggets back to grow bigger, but the black and green silver ores go overlooked.

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Been detecting sense about age 11 and only found a couple little peaces of native silver.  That was down south of Tombstone .  You can find bits of Silver Ore in a lot of the old mines here but nothing like this guy was on. 

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Lots of silver around Pioche, NV which has a real interesting history. According to some, "this town made Deadwood and Tombstone look like kindergarten"



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