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Nice Mohave Mountain & weekend

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Howdy folks, its been a few months since I’ve been able to get and hunt and post anything. This past weekend, I was able to meetup with a few friends to hit up the Mojave Mountains area and its recent classification. Not having much info to go on, it was pretty much up in the air. 

Saturday was great weather, and couldn’t have been nicer. We all went our similar but separate ways and most of the day was picking up WWII trash. Lots of .30 and .50 cals, wire, links, and the rest.

But that all changed when I came upon and nice up-right, open piece. Just sitting there waiting to picked up. Crazy part was, I saw it before swinging over it. Scanning the area, I hit two more pieces to make it a puzzle piece, weighing in at 25.3 gr.

The rest of the trip was exploring, trying other spots,  reminiscing, and having good ole fun out doors. 

All in all a great trip with friends, finding meteorites, having fun in the desert. 

Happy Hunting, until next time. Keep looking down, and swinging slow and low.










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