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is this a geode?

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hi, my name is aaron grace and i live in galveston tx. i am a fishing guide that loves nature. while walking a man-made rock jetty i found this rock. i know next to nothing about rocks and i dont know where this rock was mined. honestly, i know i am kind of using you guys but i dont see myself becoming a serious geologist anytime soon. for what its worth, if you have any gulf of mexico fishing questions ill be happy to help! does this have any worth? thank you all very much for your time




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I wouldn't call it a geode. It looks more like an exposed vug that was opened up while in the process of mining. The crystals are either quartz or calcite. Probably the former. As far as value, maybe $20.00 tops to right person. 

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thanks morlock. you look like a hot mess. i appreciate the response. incerdible how amazing nature is and the INCREDIBLE amount of time it takes to create this stuff. i dont doubt its only worth a few bucks but its cooler than that to me. you also have added a new word to my vocab. 'vug' thanks boss

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