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I'm not certain it was a tailing pile in the usual sense of the term.  Someone obviously dug a hole a few years earlier -- maybe a lot of years earlier --and threw the material all around it to form a sort of doughnut of tossed material approx 8' in diameter and a foot high all around.  Just what their plan was I have no idea.  But whenever I come across someone else's old efforts I always scan the material to see if something nice is inside.  In this case I also recovered two birdshot and an old, rusted "pin-tip" of some sort -- maybe the remains of a carpenter's awl or some such item.

I soaked the nuggets overnight in CLR as I usually do and lightly brushed them with an old toothbrush the next morning to remove any lingering film or crud.

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I like doing tailing piles at places like Gold Basin with the ZED.  But LSD areas would drive you freaking nuts with the trash.  Probably better with the GM1000 in a trashy area like that.

Beautiful gold by the way :brows:

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