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Today's Lesion Boys and Girls is "" DIY Hobanero TEAR GAS""
Someone gave me a double hand full of Lovely Orange Hobanero Peppers. Knowing they would not Last forever I came up with the Wiley E. Coyote (SUPER GENIUS) Idea to dry them out in the Microwave. Placing them in the Microwave I set the timer for TWO minutes and hit Start. At the End of the TWO minutes things were looking promising. Yep, Another TWO Minutes. Things progressing to perfection. Almost Crunchy. Yet another TWO minutes should do it. Again I push start. Turn my back to wash my hands. Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife yells ""FIRE in the Micro Wave" !!! I turn to see the flames . OHHH CHIT! I pop the door open to extract the now Blackened Crispy Hobanero's dancing in flames. A Billow of White Smoke came rolling out of the Micro Wave. This CHIT was every bit as bad as any CS or Tear Gas I ever experienced in the Military. Eyes Blinded with Tears, Drooling like a Rabid Dog, Coughing having issues taking in breaths. RUN AWAY ! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!! Everyone vacates the house including the two dogs.
Well there you have it Boys and Girls . DIY HOBANERO Tear Gas.
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.....or if you ever want to clear everyone away from the campfire.  :ROFL:

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LOL,   I'm quite sure if one followed the instructions  for making Rocket Candy replacing the Sugar with Hobanero Powder you would have a working product.  


Wasn't Dave and I just talking about burning TOXIC Plants last week ? 

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On 1/11/2018 at 4:24 PM, Au Seeker said:

Well Homie all you have to  do now is figure out a way to contain the gas so you can bottle it for future protectional uses!! :89:  :idea:  :4chsmu1:  :sickbyc: :th_panic::th::kap:

All you have to do is develop a small battery powered microwave oven to carry around with you. When you need habanero tear gas, just pop the pepper in the microwave, set timer for a few minutes, start microwaving. Then point the microwave at your target and watch it writhe in pain.😀 I think I'm going to file a patent on this.

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1 hour ago, homefire said:

Emmmmm    I was just thinking of mixing it about 30/70 with Kno3 and making smoke bombs.   No batteries to carry ?

One way to find out....   :thumbsupanim

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