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Bill Gates City near Phoenix?


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You see, Bill Gates' City of Tomorrow will have everything you’d expect: Schools, offices, retail space, 80,000 residences, and high-speed internet. But these amenities are nothing compared to the REAL reason for this technological utopia.


Something mysterious is happening in the Arizona desert 45 minutes outside Phoenix

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Red Desert,

I know you're not a spammer but the link you posted only lead to a story with no ending...unless you click a link at the end and submit your email address....which being an Administrator here I did....and wished I didn't because it only lead me deeper into the same website with the guy talking endlessly...and I do mean endlessly.... I didn't time it but after at least 10 to 15 minutes without him gettting to the point I simply closed the website before he got to the end which could of been a few minutes more or 30  or who knows....but I got the jest of his message he was only trying to get me to signup for their investment advice program or whatever...if there's a cost to doing so I don't know since I didn't stick around long enough to find out, but I'm sure I will get plenty of emails from them since I had to submit my address to see where it lead.....so it is spam in the end.

That being said I would advise everyone not to click on the link following Red Desert's link, which leads further into the website...unless you're willing to submit your email and any following emails by doing so and you have a lot of time to listen to the guy go on and on and maybe eventually get to the point on what it may or may not cost you...which may or may not lead to some good investments.

In short the guy talked about a new idea/technology that was first mentioned as a part of another new idea on the TV show "Shark Tank" he termed.. "the internet of things" which can possibly make you a millionaire if you invest in a company that is pursuing this technolgy, basically it's a lot of everyday things in our lives that we have to input info and or program to have it do what we want it to do..will in the future already know what we want it to do without our input and it seems that many of these things will be able to communicate with each other as a part of it's learning what we need it to do.

I do think that investing in this technology may indeed make a lot of money for those willing to take the risk that it does work out that it's in our future, but who knows, I for one don't have any extra money that I can risk to find out...darn it!!

I'm also not sure I want all my "things" thinking on their own as to what I want them to do.




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I smelled fish as soon as I clicked on so I deleted it.  Hopefully I won't get any retribution from them in the future.  

   Old Tom

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I didn't really check it out, it showed up in I think MSN or Yahoo news feed, apparently must have been a sponsered link. I've never used that website before and had no idea it would lead to that stuff. I'll try to remember in the future not to post any links or content from the site.

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23 minutes ago, Red_desert said:

I didn't really check it out, it showed up in I think MSN or Yahoo news feed, apparently must have been a sponsered link. I've never used that website before and had no idea it would lead to that stuff. I'll try to remember in the future not to post any links or content from the site.

Not an issue, Motley Fool is a geniune multimedia investment firm, so not a malicious site, they're just trying to get business, so that's why I haven't removed this topic, heck maybe someone will invest in this new tech and become a millionaire!!

Edit: Just an FYI, I have only gotten 1 email from Motley Fool, so I'm not getting flooded by emails from them and I have several excellent junk/spam filters which blocked the only 1 I have gotten.

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I just came from Yahoo and it's on there again in a different approach angle, I'm not going to read it nor look for investment opportunities of any type. What got my attention in the first place, it could be where I'd did some looking around. These rocks could have been about a 45 minute drive out into the desert from Phoenix. I thought the area was interesting and if happened to be the same location...possibly might be a place I'd consider living if affordable plus had the the money to do that, but not likely going to happen. But if the community is all high tech people, probably not going to be a good place after all.


The rocks looked to me to be a type of lava. Sides of some were flattened with about a 1/4" layer of white sand or sea bottom, as it had small seashells embedded in the layers. Testing them at home later these reddish brown rocks were pure black magnetite inside.






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Motley Fool used to be a decent site, but lately they've been using bait and hook approach to get customers.  I say lately, because I read a book or two by them 15 or 20 years ago, and they seemed to be decent at investment advice.  Odd, and nothing I'd ever follow, but decent, honest advice.  Its almost as if the two guys that started the company sold it to someone else, it went downhill, and they are desperate at making income by capitalizing on the company's old rep.  I don't pay attention to anything Motley Fool has anymore.  I think they may have led me to an endless type of advertisement just like the link is for I think Lithium.  Never got to the point.

On a more positive note, the Phoenix area, mostly the East Valley, is supposed to become the next silicon valley.  California is getting just too expensive, and those of us here in AZ are content to work at much cheaper in a business friendly environment.  At least that's what my engineering kid's college professors' are saying.  Whether or not its true, don't know for sure, but I do believe it.  I do know that ASU is getting their share of my money.

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