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Thursday’s Two


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From another spot, less than 3 miles off a paved road and less than 5 miles from a major highway. This spot is very trashy and the way I see it, you’ve got a few choices as to how to approach that scenario with a detector on a short hunt:

1) Trust your discriminator (nope. plus you’ll often end up not going deep enough by not digging past the trash to get to the gold) :nono:
B) Fight through the trash in the wash (time waster) :barnie:

3) Say to hell with detecting, enjoy your coffee, and just watch the sunrise (not a terrible choice) :)
3) Rake the wash out in a (hopefully) shallow drop zone using a rake and neodymium magnets (won't get it all the trash but sure helps) :idea:
5) Hunt the benches and hillsides (a lot less trash often) :head:

Being in a laid-back state of mind and having other things to do with the day, I opted for the latter. Good time management :yesss: Got the first little dink right off the bat and the second took some time :black_knight_standing: Sure was another beautiful sunrise. It’s out there!


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Nice gold.

I was planning on doing #4 this weekend, but hadn't considered raking nor the magnet.  Thanks for the tips.

I put some picutres of a bench I wish I could remove down to the bedrock and check the bottommost layer. I was on a boat ride at the Colorado river on Lake Havasu.  I kept noticing areas of white sand about a hundred feet above the river on top of a red rock.  The mountain on top of the white sand is actually about a mile back.  I read later that that red rock is an older lava flow and that the gravel deposits were leftover from when the river carved its way across the valley millions of years ago.  I wish benches were as apparent in the Lynx Creek Area as they are in this area.


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Great advise Rod. :thumbsupanim AzNuggetBob

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