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Some nice new years nuggies that I was able to get my coil over. Maybe you can spot all of them in the pic, there were more smaller bits in this crevice than first glance revealed. Some of the smaller bits are not visible, some are. This crevice was right in the drop zone of the wash on an inside bend, textbook cherry picking :black_knight_standing: The larger pieces in total weighed 6.2 grams and with the other little bits added in the total rose to 6.9 grams.

I don’t post gold often for several reasons, but sometimes feel like being more active on the forums. A big part of that is that after so many years on the forums I just burned out from posting :idunno: Gold always excites. Plus when you get out several times a week it just seems redundant to post over and over (again speaking only for myself). After you’ve been in the dirt game for a long time, you really don’t care about receiving forum recognition for just doing what you enjoy doing. I’m sure a few others here can relate to this. We’ll see what 2018 brings. Wishing you all a golden start to your new year :yesss:


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Thanks for sharing a view I hope to see someday soon. I appreciate the posts and hope you will post more. It is all an education you can never learn it all.

Can't say it enough....Awesome Picture! and it is definitely not redundant. There is a lesson in every post for those of us who aren't quite as educated in the dirt.


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