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What's it called?


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I was cleaning out some storage a few weeks ago and came across this old mini booster, the gaskets, and the rectangular metal box. The metal box was some kind of voltage regulator that allowed you to use the half brick (before l-ions and pocket rockets). I used the thing for a few years on my GP Extreme but bought the pocket rocket and stored it. That was a long time ago. Forgot it existed :) until I was going through the old gear storage. Was trying to remember the name of the thing but it escapes me :89:Anyone remember? Gonna chuck all this stuff in the trash unless someone wants it all (the mini booster (amp) and voltage regulator) worked when I shelved them. PM or email me if you do.


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"Regulated Power System" from Coiltek. That was the name. This product was sold in 2004 so I figured it was a stretch for anyone to remember but I was curious about the name after finding it. Got lucky and found name info. With the l-ion batteries out there this thing has little use in today's world and the voltage output is specifically for the GP Extreme (6.7v). Coiltek also made a regulator for the SD series 7.3v. I'll hang on to it until the end of the month and if no one expresses interest I'll chuck it. 

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Funny how that thing was probably a killer back in the day...but tech. passed it up and now its just a paper weight.

Cool finds though.

Tom H.


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Hey Tom it does help for the hearing challenged but packing them brick batteries around sucks. AzNuggetBob

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