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Jeff's first trip with the GM1000


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My friend Jeff bought a Gold Monster from Bill a few weeks past.  However last Saturday was his first chance to use/try it.  

I agree to go as a consultant; to give advice and moral support.  Besides, I have been a house prisoner for two months and wanted to get some fresh desert air.

Now, I really don't know much and neither did Jeff...so, we followed Jonathan Porters directions ( sort of) and started playing...

We looked for a noise cancel/tune button-nope. So we assumed the moving bars and double beep when turned on was that..

Next we did the little bee dance  and then started playing for real.  Right off he got a little bit of lead and the two more bits of lead. And Then...a nugget. THis in an area where we both had worked several times with my GPZ, his 3500 and his whites...I have lots of questions about this and I see practice is key.

IF you want one I urge you to get a lesson from Bill Southern or whomever you buy one from...

automatic-plus is all we used and we found this stuff...no telling what there is with proper technique and tuning!!!

2 grain nugget above presidents head.


lead and nuggets first trip with GM1000.JPG

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Way to go Jeff and yes a lesson will be a big help especially in the GB department, the GM 1000 likes a bigger ground sample to tune to than just pumping up and down especially in the deep mode. Nope not allot of buttons to monkey with, but there are steps as you mentioned that need to be learned to really make the monster into a MONSTER.


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Thanks for the fast delivery on the detector Bill. I would have made it out sooner but my wife wrapped it and made me wait till Christmas. I can't take credit for the nugget as Fred pointed me in the right direction. (It was a great way to break in a new detector Moody. I hope it is a sign of things to come.) I am impressed with the Monster. It is very light weight and seemingly easy to use. I know there is more to operating it properly Bill so I will call you about setting up a lesson. Thanks again,Jeff

P.S. Happy New to you also Frank. Long time no see. 

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