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Was out monkeying around tonight with my black light flashlight and decided to put it over some of the ore I dug out on Thurs.
Pretty cool! Bright orange florescent in one of them. Best I can find is its a mineral called sodalite.

Well, thats my excitement for new years eve :)
Tom H.




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15 hours ago, adam said:

Are you using a short wave or long wave UV lamp?   Regardless, flourescent minerals are awesome.....

Yah...umm...its just black light flashlight I bought off of amazon.

4meter.....about 4 seconds

Tom H.


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Nice find. Florescent minerals can be awesome like Adam stated. Arizona has a number of florescent mineral locations. In most cases, the more colors the specimen has, the more valuable it becomes. Some of the 4 and 5 color specimens are quite pricey. 

Everyone should have a battery operated short- long wave light for field use to check for florescence. Who knows what you might come across.

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